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Started off the break this year with a wedding in NYC which was quickly followed by a funeral in Buffalo. From there Hannah and I made our way across the Great Lakes to Macomb, Illinois to visit friends and family. From here we will travel up to Wisconsin for a Blue Ox, our new favorite bluegrass festival. The cross-country race will settle down once we get back to Star Lake Camp in a week. It has been one heck-of-a trip so far, let's hope things go smoothly from here on out! Until next time, here is a poem from g.s. coverdale about the Mighty Mississippi:

The River

Muddy water

Spinning deep

Run your course

Hide your keep

As little cities

Take from you

'Neath the guise

Of Nature's due

Antioch On The Mississippi - Werner Pipkorn, 1999

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1 Comment

Betsy Vick
Betsy Vick
Feb 18, 2019

Love the Mississippi River poem. kate coverdale has one too!

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