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Traveling always causes me to stop and think. Where am I going? Why am I leaving? How am I going this fast? That last one is mainly a question I have on planes. They go so fast!!

This weekend Hannah and I returned to Macomb, this time for a funeral. My grandpa, Richard Vick (a.k.a. Dick, a.k.a. Myles Coverdale) passed away, so the family got together to celebrate his life. Stories were shared, music was made, and a few tears were shed. Some of sadness, more of laughter. My grandpa really lived an enviable life. In 88 years, he saw his children and grandchildren grow up. I am going to miss him, but I felt comforted by all the great memories I had with him. Here's a poem I think my grandpa might have liked. Also included is a wonderful painting that came up in my DailyArt app. It inspired this post because of it's 'reflective' nature.

Richard Vick, a man was he

Broad in shoulder, tall, and lean

Rail lines feared his hammer twirl

Fought for freedom across the world

Dark ink his pen did skillfully pour

It's might surpassed the sharpest sword

Full of wisdom, full of wit

Went toe to toe with the Laureate

Expertly versed in tales galore

Beowulf, Arthur, Gawain, and more

Though his body bent with age

Until the end remained a sage

Taught left from right and right from wrong

And often taught with silly song

The lessons shared with those who heard

Still help us shape our thoughts and words

The lucky few who called him kin

Know what a boon he's always been

Grandpa, Richard, Dad, or Dick

A friend to all was Richard Vick

- g.s. coverdale

Water Lilies (Agapanthus) - Claude Monet, ca. 1915-26

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Patrick Denecke
Patrick Denecke
May 21, 2020

JoJo...Well done!


Susan Anne
Susan Anne
Mar 08, 2020

Dad saw this Monet painting in the Louvre. I know he would have approved this image along with the stunning tribute poem.


Mar 05, 2020

This is beautiful Eli. Thank you for sharing this. miles g coverdale would be so proud that he lives on through you.

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