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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I think morning is my favorite time of day. Sometimes mornings are hectic and rushed, but the best mornings are slow and really... full? Reading the Bible, exercising, drinking tea, talking with Han. Ah! Today was a near-perfect morning. I try to center myself before anything. It is hard to walk through life without really knowing who I am or what I believe if I don't ask myself that question at the start. Anyway, here is a poem by g.s. coverdale that just about sums it up:


They rush in

Like wild beasts

Fangs bared, leering

A proper feast

Shield us Lord

With thy right arm

Save us from

Sin's dreadful harm

Fey-full fretting

From us take

Chaos into

Order make

Cosy Corner - Carl Larsson

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2 Yorum

23 Oca 2019

Yo, I'm so proud you!


22 Oca 2019

Music Professor!!!

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